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Great service!! After being able to get a Switch, I recommended this to two friends who were also able to get one!!

Kt - Tue Aug 18 2020

Thank you for the alerts about the Nintendo switch. We were able to successfully get a pre-order on Amazon because of Stock Informer!

Karen - Tue Aug 18 2020

I found your service through comments on some other website when I was searching for the Nintendo Switch console online. Within 2 days of signing up for email notifications, I received an email saying that Amazon was taking pre-orders for the Switch I was looking for, and I placed an order right away. My Switch is expected to be delivered by October 20. Thank you so much for this free service!

Jill Dominguez - Mon Aug 17 2020

Prior to finding this service I was going to as many stores as I could at opening only to find they were already out of stock. I only had to use this service for a week or two before I was able to get exactly what I was looking for through an online marketplace for more than $100 less than what other sellers were offering it for at the time.

Ian Garrett - Mon Aug 10 2020

yeah, the switch has been outta stock forever everywhere, so it was nice to finally snag one with the help of this app. was about to go to sleep when I heard my computer ding with the notification, rolled outta bed and ordered the thing within the time it took for it to go out of stock, about three minutes.

Ahmad Hejja - Mon Aug 10 2020

I managed to get a Nintendo Switch Bundle in a day of getting Stock informer. thank you for providing this service, saved me from pulling my hair out.

Marty - Sun Aug 09 2020

Thank you so much!!! Notifications helped me get a switch from amazon and shipped within a few days! Huge help!

Roberto Rodriguez - Sat Aug 08 2020

Thank you! Worked like a charm in just 1 day to help me find a Nintendo Switch at MSRP in time for my son's birthday. You're amazing!

Jon Vandenburgh - Tue Aug 04 2020

Thanks so much - was able to finally get a Switch! Great service you have here

Brett - Mon Aug 03 2020

I used the app and got a Nintendo switch I was looking for within a couple of days. Great service. Exactly what I was looking for and worked perfectly. Thanks!

Stephanie Stroud - Sat Aug 01 2020

I am so thankful for your service! I had been searching for a Switch everywhere. I had contacted friends in different states to see if they could ship me one and even then I couldn't find one that wasn't overpriced. Every time I got an email from Target saying it was back in stock, it was already sold out by the time I got there. Thanks to your service (and claxon!) I was able to get one at a great price and quickly. So absolute kudos to you guys!

Maria - Fri Jul 31 2020

I was able to get a switch!! I’ve been trying for weeks. I was about to cave in and get one from a third party seller but stuck it out. Thanks for the great service!

Corey - Thu Jul 30 2020

I have been looking for a Nintendo Switch for months. Not long after I signed up for your site, I received your notification about Switches being in stock at GameStop. And I am now playing my Switch. Thank you so much!

Susanne - Wed Jul 29 2020

We decided to get a second Switch, but everyone was sold out or overcharging immensely for them. StockInformer let me setup the tracking that let me checkout with a MSRP Turquoise Switch Lite and have it a few days later. Great and easy experience and would definitely use this site again for any future hard to find products.

Yulian Kuncheff - Sun Jul 26 2020

This site is the reason I currently have my Nintendo Switch for the original price when it's been sold out everywhere and been resold for double the price for weeks. It took a couple of tries because I didn't always move fast enough when I saw the Stock Informer notifications, but it was definitely worth it in comparison to calling and visiting multiple stores or nearly giving in to scam sites like I was doing before. Thank you! I'm so appreciative.

Danielle Sleight - Thu Jul 23 2020

Thank you for helping me order a switch! Stock Informer was very useful.

Qasim - Wed Jul 22 2020

Love it

Milton Alonso Granados - Wed Jul 22 2020

Thank you so much. I was looking for a switch for my granddaughter's birthday next month and was having no luck. Your alert was wonderful and timely and I was able to get her a great bundle at a not inflated price. I found my hubby's switch through you too. Again, thanks so much.

Mary Barrow - Thu Jul 16 2020

I got my switch because of stock informer! Thanks so much for always being consistent and on point with the updates!

Adriana De Paz - Thu Jul 16 2020

THANK YOU! I got a Nintendo Switch today off Amazon for the regular price. This was a Christmas present for our grandson and now I have one! Thanks again.

Patti Thorpe - Wed Jul 15 2020

I felt rude deleting my account without saying thanks. I had to turn on push notifications to be fast enough, but it worked out. Your system is great and I wouldn't have my switch without stock informer. See you guys again if I ever need another high demand item.

Andre - Wed Jul 15 2020

THANK YOU! I was going to different targets all saying they had Switches in stock and after a failed day of buying a switch I come home and check this site and see amazon has the grey in stock !! It lasted 5 minutes but I was able to snag one thank you!

Hector Aguirre - Tue Jul 14 2020

Thank you Stockinformer, I was able to get my fit 3 weeks ago.

Steve - Tue Jul 14 2020

thank you for your site, i have been checking here and there for a switch, i had resigned myself to essentially getting one "off the shelf" one all this craziness had blown over.. with your site, and some fortunately timed restocks, i was able to purchase a switch via amazon yesterday, and its shipped today i could not have done it without this website. Thank you

Andrew - Mon Jul 13 2020

Almost forgot to post this as, I have the product in question ( Nintendo Switch ) for almost two weeks now, but I wanted to thank Stock Informer for their method, site, and the notifications in general. I finally got a switch after three months of looking through conventional means. With this site I only had to try looking for day and I was able to get the switch by constantly staying logged into amazon and quickly acting on the alert. Thanks for everything.

A-Non - Mon Jul 13 2020