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Thank you for an excellent service! I got the email for Switch Fit Adventure and was able to get one on GameStop. It was always selling out in 1 minute on Amazon!

Craig 6/16/2020

I just received the email saying there was a stock of ring fit adventure at gamestop online. I have been trying to get this FOREVER and it worked! Thank you so much! Kyle

Kyle 6/16/2020

Your email helped me get a hot item (ring fit adventure) so thank you. Great service!

Jv 6/16/2020

I was able to finally snag a Nintendo Switch within 24 hours of signing up to your site. This blew my mind, since I'd been trying for months to find one on my own. I used Discord to push the notification to my phone, and was able to snag one on Amazon. Thanks for making this so simple and easy to do! 10/10 would recommend to others.

Raphael 6/16/2020

I was able to get a Switch within a week of alerts after months of trying. I signed up for the non-vetted alerts, which meant I got more notifications but it wasn't an obnoxious amount.

Cortney 6/17/2020

It was my birthday in late April, and I really wanted a Nintendo Switch, but they were sold out everywhere like they are now. Yesterday, June 16, I managed to get a Nintendo Switch after hearing the alarm go off. I would have never gotten a switch without you guys! Thank you!

Nathan Northcutt 6/18/2020

Gosh love the service. Thanks guys! also the discord notifications work so much better! make an emphasis to advertise that one!

Julian Artunduaga 6/18/2020

Super pleased with this service, the discord channel helped me get a copy of ring fit adventure! You all rock! Thank you!

Sandra 6/18/2020

A really fast site that notifies as soon as possible!

Scott Nguyen 6/19/2020

Received my switch today..the service you offer is awesome just had to sit back and wait for an email to notify me that my product was in stock..Thank you..

C Rod 6/19/2020

Thank so much for your assistance! We went to Gamestop locally and were essentially laughed at when we inquired about a Nintendo Switch. I searched online and found your website, signed up and within a week I have a Switch. It only took a day or so to see how the service worked before I was able to order one. Will definitely keep your site in mind in the future, as well as recommended it to others!

Lindsey Jaggers 6/19/2020

Literally the only reason I was able to get what I wanted, amazing, 10/10

Cameron Marshall 6/19/2020

Just got my switch today after ordering it a few days ago (thanks to the stock informer discord!) and I’m SO excited about it. My sister told me about stock informer and I’m so glad she did because now we can play animal crossing together :)

Rachel Richards 6/20/2020

After months of searching, I finally order a Switch on 06/16/2020 with an est. Delivery of 07/16/2020. However 3 days later on 06/19/2020 I get my brand new Switch!! This is the best site ever hands down!

Rose 6/20/2020

Honestly, I don't want to tell people about you guys because the more people who know the less it will work. But it worked for us. Got a Nintendo Switch in the mail today. Thank you Stock Informer!

Kameron Eves 6/23/2020

I was beginning to wonder if I would ever beat the bots after 10 days of trying, but eventually I got it in the afternoon. It can be done!

Eric 6/23/2020

I want to thank you guys. Your website helped me snag a Switch this afternoon from Amazon. It'll be a couple of weeks before it arrives, but that will give me time to pick up a few games. Thanks again!

Robert Slone 6/23/2020

thanks so much! bought a switch this afternoon with the discord server :)

Jh 6/24/2020

Thanks for helping me get the item online from Gamestop! Also helped me a while back get a Nintendo Switch. I will definitely keep using this in the future!

Tramaine 6/24/2020

I had been searching for a Nintendo Switch on my own for three weeks with no luck. After signing up, I received the notification from Discord that you guys had found it on GameStop the next day. So I bought it and now super relieved cause this is my GFs first gaming system and I got a couple of games that she digs with it since it was a bundle. Thank you so much for what you guys do!

Ivan 6/25/2020

Finally found a switch!

Kara Beatty 6/25/2020

Wow it really worked and fast. I was able to get a Nintendo Switch Lite (refurbished) from Bestbuy in two days and a Nintendo switch from Gamestop within about 4 days of checking back. Worked like a charm and I am very grateful to have paid the regular price for a Switch when many outlets are price gouging the console online.

Mary Stephens 6/25/2020

Made it easy to finally get Ring Fit after searching for 2 months during quarantine. Thank you!

Will 6/26/2020

We were able to get a Nintendo Switch in time for my sister's birthday, even when all stores were sold out, thanks to Stock Informer.

Alec Alarakhia 6/26/2020

I was just finally able to order Ring Fit Adventure after trying for months! And I just started using this site yesterday. Wow, thank you so much!

Alex Grant 6/27/2020

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