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I am glad I decided to sign up for the, “now in stock” alerts and notifications. Even with the shortage of any gaming consoles especially the Nintendo Switch V2 happening due to the Covid 19 shutdown I was able to find a Switch V2 in stock at GameStop and placed my order. I did wait 7 days to get my grubby paws on my new Switch, but there was a three day weekend in there that slowed down the process with standard shipping. I ordered my tempered glass the same day and will be installing that as well as organizing my accessories and then play some MARIO Kart Deluxe 8 with the family. Thank a million!

Vinny 5/27/2020

Thank you SO MUCH for this incredible tool. Other stock watching sites couldn’t achieve what I was looking for and with this tool I got a switch within a day. I look forward to getting a Ring Fit game with this tool.

Nathan Hoffman 5/28/2020

Thank you so much for your alert emails! I was able to order a Gray Nintendo Switch from Gamestop to be delivered tomorrow. I'm so excited and would not have been able to purchase it without your help. This is a great service!

Jillian Higgins 5/28/2020

THANK YOU!!!! I have been searching high and low for my item and I got the email to notify me and hurried and clicked on the link and there it was! I bought it immediately and seconds later it was sold out. A minute more and I wouldn’t have gotten it if not for your email. Thank you! Lifesaver!

Elizabeth Diaz 5/28/2020

You guys are amazing! The setting did exactly what was promised--they allowed me to find a scarce Nintendo Switch. Keep up the excellent work!

Claudio Vera 5/28/2020

Stockinformer is great!! I have been trying to find a Nintendo switch for weeks and then came across stockinformer. Signed up for alerts and ordered a switch within 24 hours of signing up. Thank you so much!

Tyler 5/28/2020

My story is just like many of the other ones here. I signed up and got one within two hours from WalMart! Thank you guys!

Kevin Underwood 5/28/2020

I am so grateful for your service. I was able to get a game console bundle for my children from the notification. Highly recommend Thank you

Guadalupe Villegas 5/29/2020

As a person who creates bots for discord, it is very useful to see a service like this use it as a way to serve notifications to their users. I was able to get a Nintendo Switch thanks to this system!

Void 6/1/2020

After 3 or 4 hours after signing up, I was able to successfully order a Switch. The first alert didn't prove fruitful but the second did. I should be receiving it on Thursday from Amazon. Thanks so much!

Anon 6/1/2020

This service worked liked a charm! I signed up for the discord alerts 2 days ago and was able to snag a Switch at $299.00 as soon as they were in stock on Amazon. I am so happy and thankful for stockinformer!

B Joyner 6/1/2020

Stock Informer is fantastic. I'd been trying, without much luck, to get a switch for about two months. I found this service yesterday, and I was able to order a switch today. Thank you guys so much.

Grey 6/2/2020

Thank you so much! Life saving internet scraper!

Sleyter De La Cruz 6/5/2020

You guys did an awesome job and helped me get exactly what I needed! Will definitely use your services again and recommend to my friends!

Justin 6/5/2020

Great service. I signed up for the service in the evening and by noon the next day I had received a notification that inventory was available at Game Stop and I purchased a new Switch. Not sure the experience could have gotten any better considering that I was reading others not having success after trying for weeks on the message board. I actually felt kind of bad about getting a Switch so quickly. I mean, not bad enough to offer it to someone else, obviously. Anyhow two thumbs up, tens tens tens across the board, etc

Heath Allen 6/5/2020

Thank you so much for your service. I was sitting at my computer and the notification for Nintendo Switch inventory went off. I was able to purchase a Switch before the Bird bots could grab them all. I bought mine in 5 minutes and by the time of my purchase the website updated to show no stock available. Got the game system for its MSRP instead of the resellers two to three times markup. Currently trying my luck for a Ring Fit Adventure. I used to have a few different stock sites I followed and yours is the one that works.

Nicholas Trietsch 6/6/2020

After trying unsuccessfully for two weeks to find an available Switch on my own, you all found one for me in less than two hours. Thank you so much!

Gina Deysel 6/9/2020

I missed the first 2 restocks this morning so I thought it was out for me but then the email popped up. Never been so excited for an email before, never clicked a link faster in my life lol Thank you guys!!

Ren 6/9/2020

All day I was trying to snag a copy with one of the many restocks that have been happening off and on today... and I finally got one! I'm so happy! THANK YOU Stock Informer!

Eleanor 6/10/2020

An amazing site, I was actually early enough to get an alert and immediately bought a Switch from Amazon after weeks of searching! Don't lose hope, your time will come! Screw scalpers and gouges ✌🏼

J 6/10/2020

You guys/gals are awesome. Saved the day for me and my family by helping find a Nintendo Switch, in stock, at the retail price. Thank you!!!

Aaron Lipson 6/10/2020

During Corona and the manufacturing restrictions this site was a godsend for finding Nintendo Switches in stock.

James Dean 6/11/2020

Hi Stock Informer guys! I just want to let you know that you have made this momma so happy! I've been working from home due to Covid-19 and trying to keep up with my 5 year old, 2 year old and 8 month old. My son turns 6 at the end of the month and is wanting the Nintendo Switch. We didn't realize how hard it was going to be to find it! While I worked, I've had your browser up with the alert set. I missed the alert twice before but today, I was able to snag it at retail on Amazon! You have made one little boy so happy! Thanks for making his parents look like rock stars on his birthday!

Ashley Wilson 6/11/2020

Fantastic service! I was on the lookout for a Ring Fit Switch and an Oculus Quest. Was able to order both this week with help from Stock Informer!

Paul 6/16/2020

I just wanted to give a quick thank you. I was able to get a nintendo switch a few weeks ago because of your alerts (I’ve only seen them in stock one other time since, again because of your alerts) and was able to get ringfit adventure today. I wouldn’t have been able to get these without stockinformer and I am so thankful for it!

Haley 6/16/2020

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