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Thank you so much found a switch for my sons bday

Kristen Hensley 5/20/2020

Thank you guys so much for making this website! You folks are the greatest! I was finally able to snag a Nintendo Switch from Gamestop for its MSRP. I hate scalpers so much that I was willing to wait for the console to become available after the demand eventually subsided, but now I don't have to wait much longer for the console to get here! I really appreciate this service. Thank you.

Gregg Dunmire 5/20/2020

Thank you for your prompt updates it has been amazing so far. Keep up the good work. Peace =)

Florent Maliqi 5/20/2020

Stock informer worked like a charm. It took a couple of days to finally hit a sale just right but was worth it! So excited to be getting a switch without being ripped off by scalpers.

Alexa Wessler 5/20/2020

I have been trying to get a switch for weeks with no luck and I was becoming so frustrated. I was about to cave and buy a way overpriced one from a third party seller when I came across stock informer. I signed up for notifications and literally ONE day later I got a notification that GameStop had a restock, and I was able to get my order in before they sold out 15 minutes later. Incredible service!! Thank you so much Stock Informer!! Word of advice for anyone looking to buy a switch-- make sure to set up an account with gamestop, bestbuy, etc. and set up your payment method in advance so that when you get the notification, it's just a few easy clicks and saves you a lot of time!

Kelli Neal 5/20/2020

Thank you so much for the service you provide. I've been desperately searching for a nintendo switch to gift my brother for his birthday (which was over a month ago) and your stock alerts helped me finally get my hands on one! He will be so happy! Thanks!

Lainey Lowe 5/20/2020

i have been watching the website for a little over a month i kept missing the stock but i checked my email got the notification. i was able to get a whole bundle , thank you so much i didn’t want to pay an outrageous price for this

Amanda 5/20/2020

I just wanted to thank you for your great service! I was able to get a new Switch at retail price during this shortage. I didn't have to pay an "online reseller" $600 for one or having to keep refreshing web pages all day. Thank you again!

Darrell Zacharias 5/20/2020

I got my Nintendo Switch, you guys! I signed up on Sunday and there were alerts every day since then, which I missed for one reason or another. I was casually refreshing the stock informer website today (Wednesday), when new availability popped up. Had already placed an order when the email alert came in, so if you have a PC or android phone , make sure you take advantage of that audible alert 😁 I wish there was an option to get an email for pre-orders as well, because I missed out on those from Amazon. Either way, great service, will recommend it to everyone ! So excited !! Woohooo!!

Eva Polyzoeva 5/20/2020

Got one bundle and one plain switch v2. You guys are doing the people's work. My family is very happy and appreciative. Thank you!

Steve Delcasino 5/20/2020

Thank you so much for this website! I wasn't able to find a Nintendo Switch anywhere but by keeping this site open with the sound on I was able to finally buy one! Really fantastic :)

Alexandra Wells 5/25/2020

I went on reddit and learned about this site yesterday. I kept the tab open and in less than 30 hours and got an alert from gamestop. I was able to score a switch the next day lol. Very pleased with this site/service as resellers want 500-600 for console only.

Pat 5/25/2020

Seriously I searched for 6 weeks of Quarantine. I subscribed to this and found it within 48 hours thanks to this service. WOW. Thanks

Steven Vance 5/25/2020

Signed up, and luckily within 24hours, have a new switch bundle coming to me. Thanks a bunch!

Chris 5/25/2020

This works! It took three restocks and it helped that I set up my info ahead of time (Apple Pay) but I finally have a switch!! Thanks!

Vic 5/25/2020

This was a great service. I had been trying for months to find a Nintendo Switch console without having to pay the high mark-ups for my kids. It came just in time for the end of school. They already love it after 2 days of playing.

Connie Sierra 5/26/2020

Thanks so much for your service! It was invaluable to me - my friend is looking for a Nintendo Switch and we'd been unable to find one for her, for obvious reasons; after a couple of days of alerts from your site, I finally caught one at the right time and got her the perfect bundle for what she wants (Mario Kart + accessories) from GameStop. Couldn't have done it without you!

Dave Duplantis 5/26/2020

Not much to say other than I managed to get my friend a Switch a few days ago because of you! I didn’t really want to do the GameStop bundle but they seem to be the only ones getting them consistently, and I was tired of the hunt. Thanks again :)

Elizabeth Armour 5/26/2020

I had been trying to find a switch at a normal price for the last 2 months, and with stock informer I was able to order a Nintendo switch animal crossing bundle! It sold out less than an hour after I received notice on my email.

Sara 5/26/2020

I am a happy customer as stock infomer helped me get a nintendo switch for the standard MRSP price. I don't know how it works but I am surprised to see that when I go to the gamestop.com to search for this product it is still unavailable but stockinformer provides links that have taken me directly to the item leading to my successfully purchase. So thank you. Rebecca

Rebecca Maurer 5/26/2020

Both feedback and testimonial - your site may have helped me get a Nintendo Switch earlier today, which is AMAZING. I'll know for sure when it ships. :) Thanks for providing this awesome service!!

Stan Smith 5/27/2020

This is a great service and it helped be purchase a Nintendo Switch!

Tj Kelly 5/27/2020

Hey! As I unsubscribe from updates, I wanted to say thanks for helping me get a Switch last month at MSRP. Signed up and two days later, your notification directed me to an in-stock Switch at Best Buy. Thanks!

Nicholas Lulofs 5/27/2020

I just got my NEW Nintendo Switch thanks to this website. I appreciate them so much. They have helped me buy things that were out of stock 5 minutes ago. Again, Thank you, guys. You really helped me out.

Koen Breidenbaugh 5/27/2020

You helped me find a switch, thank you

Jake 5/27/2020

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