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Thank you so much. You all do an awesome job! Felt like I won the lottery.

Adam 4/28/2020

Amazing service. Had push notifications and got a switch much sooner than I thought I would. Thanks so much.

Eli Bush 4/28/2020

Thanks so much for your help! I was able to pick up a switch the first day I started receiving alerts!!

Stephen Hopkins 4/28/2020

Right now there is a Switch on it's way (hopefully) to us thanks to you! During this crazy time I really wanted to get my son something special for his ninth birthday but was unsure if we would be able to get it in time for his mid may birthday. I signed up for your alerts when Amazon showed stock I was able to order one through Amazon at the MSRP. Thank you thank you thank you :) He is going to be so surprised and happy!

Marian 4/30/2020

Thank you, I signed up for the notifications, however I also checked your website frequently. I happened to check at just the right time and saw the pre order on amazon go live. I jumped over there immediately and tried to pre order but everytime I put it in the cart it said it was sold out. I did buy it now about thirty times in two minutes and it suddenly worked! These bots are really annoying put it is possible to beat them! It said pre order fir the 13th of may so I figured it might get cancelled since that has happened to me before, but it just arrived today! Thank you!

Benjamin Barr 5/2/2020

Great service. I have been trying to find Oculus quest for few months now. Stockinformer help me find it in almost 2 weeks (took me few tries but I bought it finally)

Jonathan Lindroos 5/4/2020

This was the only way that I would have gotten an Oculus Quest. In fact, because of your system, I was able to get one for me and one for my son. Thank you so much!

Beth Folsom 5/7/2020

THANK YOU!!! I have been looking for a Nintendo Switch for weeks, going to Walmarts around me and checking the internet constantly. I used Stock Informer and within 2 hours I had a Switch!!! And they were sold out two minutes after I ordered mine! Huge thanks to you guys, it really made my month!

Molly Abbott 5/13/2020

I would just like to say thank you because you have allowed me a fair chance at getting a switch. This morning you sent out an alert and I managed to actually get one. Once again just wanted to say thank you for your free service and I hope you continue to stay free.

Henry Regier 5/13/2020

You guys are amazing! I signed up last night after trying for two months to find a Switch. Got my first email alert this morning and was able to order from GameStop on my first try. I can’t believe how quickly I found one. Thank you!

Michelle 5/13/2020

I left your website up and running all night, had the volume at max. StockInformer was the ONLY website to notify me of the latest GameStop bundles, all other websites weren't able to do that. Thank you!!!!

Rae 5/14/2020

this site worked so well, had used to alarm option on my pc, and this alarm woke up up so quick, I had forgotten what it was for, but as soon as I looked at my pc, I saw all the notifications for every type of deal / bundle available and was able to quickly make my way to my purchase, thank you!

Zach Thompson 5/14/2020

Thanks! Frankly, I was a bit skeptical. Services like this are never actually free and well functioning, but this one worked like a charm! Stock Informer helped me avoid the price gougers and get something fun for my family.

Mark 5/14/2020

Y'all are absolutely amazing, I was actually able to get a Nintendo switch after weeks of waiting for them to be in stock again, so glad I found this website

Migdalia Simpson 5/14/2020

I had been trying to find a Nintendo Switch for a couple of months with zero luck! I came across your website during my search and signed up for the alerts. After receiving two alerts (with no luck) I received an alert yesterday evening and managed to purchase a Switch before it sold out again! There is no way I would have been able to find one without you guys! Thank you!!

Katie Ramey 5/15/2020

I had been looking everywhere for a Nintendo switch for months! I signed up for notification emails from Walmart and Target with zero luck. I came across your website three days ago and the second day I received an email notification unfortunately I was too late for that one but on my third day I had a web page open with sound notification on while I was working from home and I was able to grab one from GameStop. Thank you!!

Michelle 5/15/2020

Thank you for helping me get a Nintendo Switch! I will have so many fun weekends.

Caleb A Wong 5/15/2020

I’ve been trying to get my hands on a Nintendo Switch console since quarantine started. Thanks to your email notifications I finally was able to order one from GameStop. Thank you!

Alyssa 5/15/2020

I've been searching ALL OVER the internet and at my local stores for a Nintendo Switch for dang near a month now. Thanks to Reddit, I found Stock Informer and figuring it couldn't hurt to sign up, I did. That was three nights ago and guess what?!?! I received a stock alert at 4:21 pm today and my Switch is on the way! My son is going to be VERY happy with his birthday present in two weeks. Thank you Stock Informer!

Thomas Mcclure 5/16/2020

The push notifications are great. Was able to score a Nintendo Switch at regular MSRP because of Stock Informer. Prices were accurate too. Appreciate y'all!

Jon-Paul Mitchell 5/16/2020

Thanks to you guys I finally got a switch bundle after searching for a month.

Jared Haase 5/16/2020

I was able to snag the Nintendo Switch I wanted, at standard retail price, within a matter of days thanks to Stock Informer's updates. The setup is so simple and the tracking is incredibly accurate. Thanks!

Jered T 5/18/2020

I've been trying to get the Switch since February!!!! I just signed up with you guys 2 days ago and today I got 2 alerts and I missed one and got the second one. Yes!!!!! I finally got one!!!!! This will be for my daughter's birthday next week. Thank you soooo much Stock Informer, you guys are awesome!!

Upu 5/18/2020

Slow on email response but if you have the website opened with the alarm bell, you shall get what your heart desires which is the item you’ve been tracking! Thanks to this website I’ve gotten what I’ve been longing for, the Nintendo Switch in bundle form with the game I initially was going to purchase anyways for. Highly recommend, and use again when/if needed.

Tommy 5/18/2020

So thankful for your site! My girls had been saving up from their chores to buy a Nintendo Switch, only for the prices to skyrocket from resellers. Using your site I was able to get them a Nintendo Switch bundle at retail price one week after signing up. I even shared it with a friend who was able to get a different bundle for her son's upcoming birthday only 2 days after signing up. Thank you for the service you provide.

Edwin Orellana 5/19/2020

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