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Hello, I am writing this message to express my appreciation for the work you do here. Thanks to your services I was able to secure my PS5, I had almost given up on getting that this year but your notification for the GameStop drop helped me to be in the right place at the right time. I appreciate and encourage your work. Thank you.

Gautam 12/3/2020

You saved me! I’ve been trying to get a 5600x from launch and it’s been impossible. I’ve been using your website and discord alerts to try and snag it. I finally was able to get one ordered yesterday and I was more stoked than you could imagine. Your services are the best, thank you so much!

Jackson Thankful Forever 12/6/2020

Xbox Series S Console, I want to send a huge thank you to your team, I even work for Microsoft and could not find our console anywhere, but using your tracker for about a week now and got an alert that Walmart had in stock, went there and was immediately able to acquire an Xbox Series S that will arrive in January. Fantastic job helping consumers avoid the scalpers and scammers out there, you all give us hope that 2020 is not all that lost. A beacon of light and hope this world can be a better place. Happy Holidays.

Victor De Souza 12/17/2020

You’re the greatest!!! I’ve been trying for weeks to get the Xbox Series X for my son. It’s been such a frustrating process. I’ve had it in my cart several times and couldn’t complete the sale. But the other day I’m grocery shopping about to check out and I get an alert from telegram I clicked on the link and completed the transaction through Microsoft. Originally said it would arrive after Christmas (I was thrilled to get just one). Today I received notice it will be here Saturday 12/19. I couldn’t have done it without you!! One tip I would give is to have account set up with the stores with credit card information so the transaction goes through quickly and you don’t miss out. Feel free to use my testimonial, but I ask that you not use my name until after Christmas. We can’t ruin the surprise. Thanks so much!!!

Anon 12/17/2020

Thank you so much for this site. I have been trying since mid September to get a RTX 3090 card. Literally within 5 hours of creating an account here I got a EVGA 3090 FTW Ultra. I only wish I knew this site existed before

Ken M 12/24/2020

I had been trying for a week to get a 3060 ti from Newegg with no results. Only took me 2 days of trying with this. Thank you so much!

Nve2 12/24/2020

Guys you are AWESOME! Managed to get my hands on a couple PS5s because of you AND managed to get a Nintendo Switch (Neon) for my girlfriend! Wouldn’t be possible without you.

Justin 2/4/2021

Thanks to you I finally got my series X

Jake 2/12/2021

So happy to finally get a Series X. And, on top of that, getting it from Amazon was a bonus since i had points to use! Thanks Stock Informer! Great site.

Will 2/12/2021

Thanks to this site I was able to snag a Xbox Series X from gamestop. I hope more stores follow GS and add captchas to the checkout page.

A Floridaman 5/26/2021

You guys are GREAT. After trying for 6 months I finally got my PS5 console from GameStop through your site. Thanks, I will be telling everyone about your site

Adam "Tad" Verret 6/18/2021

Just a positive message. Less than two weeks after signing up for you services, I received my first alert that GameStop had PS5 on sale. I signed into my GameStop account and after 3 attempts, purchased a PS5 Bundle. It arrived in the mail today making my Grandson a happy young man. Thank you for you alert.

David Bowden 6/22/2021

Thanks to your page for your work to maintain a page for free, on June 24 in the afternoon I managed to get an xbox series x on the best buy page. Thanks to the immediate notice from you I was able to achieve it. Trust your page for how quickly it notifies you of a new stock. YouTube restock videos are very slow to post new inventory. Thanks again for this.

Abraham Ortega 6/25/2021

Thank you so much for the constant alerts. I had been aimlessly searching for a Ps5 console for months, checking all of the sites that you were monitoring, to no avail. When I found stock informer, I was skeptical and thought that obtaining the console would be hopeless. However, within two months of using the site and following the alerts I was able to secure a Ps5 bundle from Gamestop on July 1st, 2021. Thanks again!

Angela L Williams 7/5/2021

Helped get a ps5 from GameStop. Thank you!

Kasey Bowyer 7/15/2021

I don't play on my phone much so I missed quite a few ps5 opportunities, but today I just so happened to have my phone in my hands when I received the stock informer notification. I followed the link directly to the Amazon app and thankfully all of my information is saved there so I was able to check out quickly and secure a PS5. Thank you Stock Informer!

Nick 7/21/2021

Just got a ps5 thanks to stock informer!

Joshua Smith 7/21/2021

Thanks to the stock alert email from stock informer, i was able to order a ps5 with no hassle. The email even included a link to who had it in stock. Thanks stock informer

Allen M 7/27/2021

I stumbled across this site by accident. Thanks to you guys/girls I was able to secure a ps5 disc version my first try this week. Keep up the great work.

Arthur Ohara 7/29/2021

I was able to purchase a PS5 console bundle from Gamestop with your alerts. I've been flying on cloud nine ever since. Thanks, Stock Informer!

Tim Kuczinski 8/31/2021

Thank you very much! I received an alert for an Xbox series X bundle from GameStop and upon several attempts, I was able to purchase console on 9/23/2021. Very happy customer/subscriber.

Manuel Cortes 10/7/2021

You service is awesome, thank you so much. I was able to get the PS 5 bundle at Game Stop for my son. It is so aggravating all these people purchasing to sell for more money. You made it possible for me. Still hoping to get the Halo Xbox series X for my other son. Thank you so very much.

Van 10/30/2021

Successfully bought an Xbox series x from Walmart

Matthew Shewfelt 11/5/2021

Thanks Guys!!! Within 2 weeks of finding your site, I was able to get an Xbox Series X directly from the Microsoft Store. I had been looking for months prior to that and several of my friends had even resorted to paying the crazy online scalper prices that were 30%-50% higher than retail. I was able to get mine quickly and at the standard retail price!!!

Brian Joynt 11/15/2021

Got a PS5 from using Walmart+, thanks for the heads up!

Pete 11/22/2021

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