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I had been saving off and on for a Nintendo Switch ever since it came out, and I was finally able to reach my goal through Amazon gift cards that I had saved from my surveys, only for the pandemic to happen along with the Switch shortage. The prices were outrageous at $400-500 for a console that's usually at $299.99, and I knew I'd be better off waiting to see if I could find one at regular price, however I couldn't seeing as they were all sold out in my local Walmart. I had lost all hope until I found out about Stock Informer and their Discord server through another friend of mine who had recently found one through your service as well. I joined the server and immediately I saw the alerts pop off for both the gray and neon Switches. Once I hit my $300+ goal around August and after MANY tries, I finally managed to snag a gray one from Amazon at $299.99 on September 10th with an estimated delivery of November 11th-14, however it shipped on September 23rd and FINALLY reached my doorstep after a small delay on October 1st! I'm having a blast being able to play with my friends online and getting my Nintendo Switch after saving up for so long was definitely the biggest highlight of 2020 for me! Thank you Stock Informer! I'll be recommending your service to all of my friends and family!

Lisa 10/6/2020

Because of Stock Informer, I was able to get a Nintendo Switch (regular) in late April at the height of its shortage. I was able to play Fire Emblem as soon as I wanted to. Stock Informer is a website that does exactly what it claims to and lets you get ahead of the bots. Thanks, Stock Informer!

James G. 9/23/2020

I was having a tough time finding a Nintendo Switch with red and blue joycons. The systems were available online but the price gouging was ridiculous. Thanks to your alerts, I was able to find a system at the MSRP and I couldn’t be happier! Thank you, Stock Informer!

Liz 8/28/2020

I saw it on pre-order here and pre-ordered it from amazon. And it came in like 4 days. Totally rocks!

J.Lewellen 8/18/2020

Great service!! After being able to get a Switch, I recommended this to two friends who were also able to get one!!

Kt 8/18/2020

Thank you for the alerts about the Nintendo switch. We were able to successfully get a pre-order on Amazon because of Stock Informer!

Karen 8/18/2020

I found your service through comments on some other website when I was searching for the Nintendo Switch console online. Within 2 days of signing up for email notifications, I received an email saying that Amazon was taking pre-orders for the Switch I was looking for, and I placed an order right away. My Switch is expected to be delivered by October 20. Thank you so much for this free service!

Jill Dominguez 8/17/2020

Prior to finding this service I was going to as many stores as I could at opening only to find they were already out of stock. I only had to use this service for a week or two before I was able to get exactly what I was looking for through an online marketplace for more than $100 less than what other sellers were offering it for at the time.

Ian Garrett 8/10/2020

yeah, the switch has been outta stock forever everywhere, so it was nice to finally snag one with the help of this app. was about to go to sleep when I heard my computer ding with the notification, rolled outta bed and ordered the thing within the time it took for it to go out of stock, about three minutes.

Ahmad Hejja 8/10/2020

I managed to get a Nintendo Switch Bundle in a day of getting Stock informer. thank you for providing this service, saved me from pulling my hair out.

Marty 8/9/2020

Thank you! Worked like a charm in just 1 day to help me find a Nintendo Switch at MSRP in time for my son's birthday. You're amazing!

Jon Vandenburgh 8/4/2020

Thanks so much - was able to finally get a Switch! Great service you have here

Brett 8/3/2020

I used the app and got a Nintendo switch I was looking for within a couple of days. Great service. Exactly what I was looking for and worked perfectly. Thanks!

Stephanie Stroud 8/1/2020

I am so thankful for your service! I had been searching for a Switch everywhere. I had contacted friends in different states to see if they could ship me one and even then I couldn't find one that wasn't overpriced. Every time I got an email from Target saying it was back in stock, it was already sold out by the time I got there. Thanks to your service (and claxon!) I was able to get one at a great price and quickly. So absolute kudos to you guys!

Maria 7/31/2020

I was able to get a switch!! I’ve been trying for weeks. I was about to cave in and get one from a third party seller but stuck it out. Thanks for the great service!

Corey 7/30/2020

I have been looking for a Nintendo Switch for months. Not long after I signed up for your site, I received your notification about Switches being in stock at GameStop. And I am now playing my Switch. Thank you so much!

Susanne 7/29/2020

This site is the reason I currently have my Nintendo Switch for the original price when it's been sold out everywhere and been resold for double the price for weeks. It took a couple of tries because I didn't always move fast enough when I saw the Stock Informer notifications, but it was definitely worth it in comparison to calling and visiting multiple stores or nearly giving in to scam sites like I was doing before. Thank you! I'm so appreciative.

Danielle Sleight 7/23/2020

Thank you for helping me order a switch! Stock Informer was very useful.

Qasim 7/22/2020

Love it

Milton Alonso Granados 7/22/2020

Thank you so much. I was looking for a switch for my granddaughter's birthday next month and was having no luck. Your alert was wonderful and timely and I was able to get her a great bundle at a not inflated price. I found my hubby's switch through you too. Again, thanks so much.

Mary Barrow 7/16/2020

I got my switch because of stock informer! Thanks so much for always being consistent and on point with the updates!

Adriana De Paz 7/16/2020

THANK YOU! I got a Nintendo Switch today off Amazon for the regular price. This was a Christmas present for our grandson and now I have one! Thanks again.

Patti Thorpe 7/15/2020

I felt rude deleting my account without saying thanks. I had to turn on push notifications to be fast enough, but it worked out. Your system is great and I wouldn't have my switch without stock informer. See you guys again if I ever need another high demand item.

Andre 7/15/2020

THANK YOU! I was going to different targets all saying they had Switches in stock and after a failed day of buying a switch I come home and check this site and see amazon has the grey in stock !! It lasted 5 minutes but I was able to snag one thank you!

Hector Aguirre 7/14/2020

thank you for your site, i have been checking here and there for a switch, i had resigned myself to essentially getting one "off the shelf" one all this craziness had blown over.. with your site, and some fortunately timed restocks, i was able to purchase a switch via amazon yesterday, and its shipped today i could not have done it without this website. Thank you

Andrew 7/13/2020

Almost forgot to post this as, I have the product in question ( Nintendo Switch ) for almost two weeks now, but I wanted to thank Stock Informer for their method, site, and the notifications in general. I finally got a switch after three months of looking through conventional means. With this site I only had to try looking for day and I was able to get the switch by constantly staying logged into amazon and quickly acting on the alert. Thanks for everything.

A-Non 7/13/2020

Hi! I don’t have a question or anything but I just want to say you guys are awesome! Literally signed up for discord notifications yesterday and ordered a Switch for $300 today. Thank you so much for the super easy to use and awesome thing you guys have here! Keep up the amazing work and thank you again so much!

Julius 7/9/2020

Hi! I was recommended to use this site from this video from The Deal Guy. I ordered a Nintendo Switch with the Neon Red and Blue Joy-Cons from Amazon from the notification sent out on 7/7 at 2:59 p.m. PDT (5:59 p.m. ET) and it actually arrived today (7/8)! Great idea of a website that tracks the status of the stock of items like the Switch...that actually works effectively! Thanks very much! Now I just gotta wait for the screen protector and Animal Crossing New Horizons... :D

Dustine Bowker 7/9/2020

I’ve purchased two Switches for myself and a family member and I’m not back for a Switch Lite for a family friend’s kid for his Bday. Success is so easy with your site and the money made by the site in return is well deserved!

Richard Small 7/8/2020

I was looking for a Nintendo Switch for months and checking the site until I finally signed up for notifications yesterday. Two minutes later the alarm rang and I managed to snag it and bag it at normal price, what luck! I can finally play the Ring Fit Adventure gathering dust in my room -- I'm just ecstatic and wanted to thank you all so much!

Andii 7/3/2020

Thank you so much I finally found a switch at regular retail price. I ordered it three days ago and i came today. It was so easy I should have done this a long time ago.

Chandra White 7/2/2020

Thank you guys so much! I was just able to order my switch. I have working this summer for college money, and to buy a switch. Now I will be able to have my very own. I could not have done it without this site. A million thanks!

Cody Talbert 7/2/2020

Thank you for helping me snag a Nintendo switch!! I have been trying since March! I signed up for your alerts a few days ago and today I have a switch on the way finally for my son! It is a bundle which was fine for us because new to the switch so need some games anyway.

Jamie 7/1/2020

After months of chasing a Switch at list price, I discovered your website and was able to grab one after only two days. The notification that takes you directly to the product page in Amazon was a lifesaver.

Kathy 7/1/2020

Wow! So glad I found this. I desperately wanted a switch (yikes - so trite) so that my daughter's could play animal crossing together. One of them was already addicted. I was able to get onto GameStop the minute I saw your alert and the unit and games were delivered in 2 days. I'm a VERY happy subscriber.

Monica Hendewerk 7/1/2020

Your service was effective and I’m happy that I was able to make use of it.

David 7/1/2020

Thank you! You helped me find a Nintendo switch for purchase. I recently received it. I appreciate the service

Abbey 7/1/2020

This service worked as described with a few false positives for Amazon but when the Switch popped up in GameStop, I successfully bought one with no issues at the retail price, not the insanely inflated on some scammers are charging. Thanks! Excellent service!

Kyle Bellamy 7/1/2020

Thank you so much! This was really helpful in me trying to get a nintendo switch for a good price. I think that without your service I wouldn't have been able to get it and have over paid. Now that your service has gotten me the switch I now no longer need it. Thank you!

Alexia Ortiz 6/30/2020

Thanks to this website, I'm currently playing Animal Crossing on my new Switch that I got for its actual price on Amazon, and I started looking for one to buy only a week ago. Thank you!!!

Ben 6/29/2020

Yo I literally signed up and within an hour and a half I had a switch. Not a lie. As soon as the notification came up, I clicked the link and it was at my house within two days. Thanks Stockinformer!!!

Vinny G 6/27/2020

We were able to get a Nintendo Switch in time for my sister's birthday, even when all stores were sold out, thanks to Stock Informer.

Alec Alarakhia 6/26/2020

Wow it really worked and fast. I was able to get a Nintendo Switch Lite (refurbished) from Bestbuy in two days and a Nintendo switch from Gamestop within about 4 days of checking back. Worked like a charm and I am very grateful to have paid the regular price for a Switch when many outlets are price gouging the console online.

Mary Stephens 6/25/2020

Finally found a switch!

Kara Beatty 6/25/2020

I had been searching for a Nintendo Switch on my own for three weeks with no luck. After signing up, I received the notification from Discord that you guys had found it on GameStop the next day. So I bought it and now super relieved cause this is my GFs first gaming system and I got a couple of games that she digs with it since it was a bundle. Thank you so much for what you guys do!

Ivan 6/25/2020

thanks so much! bought a switch this afternoon with the discord server :)

Jh 6/24/2020

I want to thank you guys. Your website helped me snag a Switch this afternoon from Amazon. It'll be a couple of weeks before it arrives, but that will give me time to pick up a few games. Thanks again!

Robert Slone 6/23/2020

I was beginning to wonder if I would ever beat the bots after 10 days of trying, but eventually I got it in the afternoon. It can be done!

Eric 6/23/2020

Honestly, I don't want to tell people about you guys because the more people who know the less it will work. But it worked for us. Got a Nintendo Switch in the mail today. Thank you Stock Informer!

Kameron Eves 6/23/2020

After months of searching, I finally order a Switch on 06/16/2020 with an est. Delivery of 07/16/2020. However 3 days later on 06/19/2020 I get my brand new Switch!! This is the best site ever hands down!

Rose 6/20/2020
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