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Nintendo Land to be Shipped with Wii U

Posted Fri Jun 15 2012

Nintendo Land

At this year's E3 conference in Los Angeles Nintendo Land was showcased for the new Wii U console. Intended to be bundled with the console, it is hoped that it will demonstrate the consoles capabilities in the same way that Wii Sports did for the original Wii.

Based on a theme park it will feature twelve games, five of which were demonstrated at E3. Each of these mini games is intended to help players get to grips with gaming on two screens as opposed to one and offer a deeper experience than the original Wii Sports:-

  • Luigi's Ghost Mansion - Four players run around and elevated view of a maze trying to trap an invisible ghost with their flashlights before the battery runs out or the ghost sneaks up behind them.
  • Animal Crossing: Sweet Day - Play with multiple players working together to collect as many sweets as possible. A different player can control guards to defeat them in their tracks! As more sweets are collected, the characters heads become larger and movement it slowed, meaning it's then best to discard your sweets and collect the points. Dual-screen play is demonstrated very well in this game as well as using the separate analog sticks to navigate two separate characters.
  • Takamaru's Ninja Castle – A single player game where the object is by using the GamePad's touch screen is to throw stars towards the TV screen to knock down ninja characters. this game demomstrates how easy it is to use the Wii U controller's touchscreen as an input device to interact with a game.
  • The Legend of Zelda: Battle Quest – Three players play as a team, two with MotionPlus controllers acting as the fighters and a third on the GamePad acting as a bowman supporting the fighters and looking around finding new areas of the map. All three players can have completely different experiences during the same game.
  • Donkey Kong's Crash Course – Demonstrating the Wii U GamePad's gyroscope and accelerometer capabilities, this game offers a typical Donkey Kong platform style game whereby you need to guide a trolley, bearing the face of your Mii, down from the top of a maze to the bottom to rescue the Princess without toppling over or crashing into any walls.

The other seven games have yet to be officially announced, however don't be surprised if Metroid, F-Zero, Mario and Yoshi don't make an appearance somewhere down the line. All in all, Nintendo Land will demonstrate the social aspect of the Wii U with multiplayer gaming together with the new concept of playing with a tablet style controller and two screens.