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    Everything We Know So Far About the PS5 Pro

    When Will the PS5 Pro Be Released?

    The PS5 Pro, Sony's highly anticipated upgrade to the PlayStation 5, is generating significant buzz in the gaming community. While Sony has not officially announced a release date, industry insiders speculate that the PS5 Pro could hit shelves as early as late 2024 or early 2025. This aligns with Sony's typical mid-cycle refresh strategy seen in previous console generations.

    Expected Features and Improvements

    The PS5 Pro is expected to bring several enhancements over the standard PS5. Rumors suggest the new console will feature improved graphics performance, potentially supporting native 8K resolution, a faster CPU, and an upgraded GPU. Additionally, it may include more storage capacity and enhanced ray tracing capabilities, delivering an even more immersive gaming experience.

    What Retailers Will Stock the PS5 Pro?

    In the US, gamers are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to get their hands on the PS5 Pro. Major retailers such as Walmart, Amazon, GameStop, BestBuy, and Target are expected to stock the new console upon its release. Some of these are also likely to offer pre-orders too. Thankfully, Stock Informer tracks stock status across all of these retailers (and more!) so you don't have to go looking for stock.

    Pre-Order and Availability

    To secure a PS5 Pro on release day, gamers should stay alert for pre-order announcements. Pre-orders are expected to sell out quickly, similar to the initial PS5 launch. Following the initial release, stock may be limited, so signing up for our stock alerts can increase your chances of snagging one.

    Where Can I Buy A PlayStation 5 Pro?

    Use our unique Playstation 5 Pro in-stock listings to locate stock as soon as it becomes available at our panel of top retailers in the US. We constantly check for restocks to ensure you are the first to know when we find PS5 Pro in stock with a reputable retailer. During busy periods PS5 Pro console stock will literally sell out in minutes, therefore it's crucial you know quickly when stock is available to buy before it sells out. Sign up to us and we will send you notifications when stock comes in through discord / Telegram / emails and push web notifications.

    How Much Does The PS5 Pro Cost?

    The price of the PlaySation 5 Pro console varies depending on the model and across different retailers. The standard edition with the disc drive typically costs more than the digital edition without the disc drive. To find the most competitive market price for the PS5 Pro, you can rely on Stock Informer. We diligently monitor pricing across numerous retailers, ensuring that you have access to the best deals available.


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